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Your health is the most powerful tool on the planet. There is no amount of money that could ever buy it or reproduce it.

Managing your health (and the thoughts that determine your health) is the most important thing you will ever do to create your desired results. (And none of our traditional diets or approaches teach it!)

What we do...

  • We help you take the guess work out of making your dreams come true.
  • We teach you how to coach yourself.
  • ​We teach you how to feel better.
  • ​We teach you where to put focus so you get the best results.

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If you are someone that needs more info you definitely want to keep reading to learn how this is like nothing else out there

If you want to learn how to coach yourself and improve your own life, you are in the right place and JOINING The Fit Foodie Fam is the way to go from here! So what exactly is Fit Foodie Fam?

It’s our Coaching program. LIVE Weekly Coaching calls where we dive into how you too can achieve Food Freedom like we have, asks questions and meet other Fit Foodies who share your passion!  Covering everything from getting started to staying on track, how much and how often to eat and train. 
This is our world class coaching system where you get masterful coaching and daily application of the finest tools available today.

This membership teaches you the foundation of how to coach yourself, how to master your emotions so your emotions no longer master you and how to take the guess work out of your results. The skills you develop will serve not just in your nutrition but will help you to execute at a higher level in the gym, at work, in relationships and with finances. 

Top 5 REASONS why YOU want to JOIN Fit Foodie Fam

* You’ve chronically dieted or yo-yo dieted
* You can’t seem to get any results OR KEEP results
* You’re always consumed with thoughts of food
* You are so confused about all the information out there
* You’re sick of your old diet

The problem with everything we had found was no matter the diet, no matter the approach, the struggle was:

* Giving up favorite foods
* Calling certain foods “good” and others “bad”
* Saying “I can’t have that” or “I shouldn’t eat that”
* Skipping social events because the food or drinks
* Thinking about food ALL THE TIME
* Feeling like if I “cheated” I needed to go workout 
* Beating yourself up if you strayed even a little bit from your diet
Like most people it wasn’t always easy for us and we used to be so confused as to HOW we could seemingly be doing EVERYTHING right but the results weren’t coming no matter how hard we pushed.
We could only get so far before getting stuck or going backwards
We knew exactly what we wanted… 
We wanted to look and feel amazing. We wanted a body and lifestyle to be damn proud of! 

At times it honestly felt like we were doing everything right and had tried so many different approaches, yet nothing was working for us or only worked short term. Never being able to keep what we worked so hard for.

After pouring ourselves over all the information we could find on the internet about what the “best diet” or meal plan we kept running into the same problems

So for most people this is frustrating and a cycle they get stuck in for years, ourselves included. However, we knew there had to be a better way, an actual solution. Mid 2017 we had opened a gym. Not only was it important for us to lead by example we were dedicated to helping all of our members build a life of food and lifestyle freedom. 

Realizing we didn’t know it all we decided to get help from someone that could teach us, Dr Trevor Kashey, who is without a doubt the smartest person we have ever had the pleasure of working with getting his PhD in Bio Chemistry in his early 20’s. 

He helped us to crack the code for ourselves but more importantly we now know how to help all of our members build a life they are proud of.

We don’t know if this is you, but I’m guessing that if you’re here on this page:

You’re CRAVING results.
Food is a difficult and touchy subject for you. 
Your body confidence is not great. 
You feel controlled by food and not in control of it. 
You know that deep down you deserve the body of your dreams and that it shouldn’t come at the cost of every other aspect of your life.
You’ve seen women or men with these toned, beautiful physiques so you know it’s possible, but it just hasn’t been possible for YOU.
Deep down, you know that you deserve all that you desire. 
You know that your goals COULD be attainable but you just haven’t cracked the code.

You might also be thinking:

* What changed for us after working with the Doc?

* What allowed us to eat every single food we loved and be leaner then ever?

* What built the confidence for us and all of our members?

* What gave us the best body and control over food once and for all?

What we learned and know works with people all over the world is to understand Flexible Dieting and seeing food for what it is… a beautiful thing that we use to get results… even crazy sweets or pizza and a beer or glass of your favorite wine 

He taught us how to truly understand food and how to teach others how to do the same in a simple way so that you can enjoy “Flexible Dieting”

What exactly is Flexible Dieting?

 It all stems from the Nutritional Hierarchy Pyramid

See most people are putting their focus on the things that are responsible for the smallest changes, which is a recipe for frustration because you put in so much work but you don’t get much in return. Our secret is helping people adjust their focus so that they better understand what’s important and what drives results 

So you may be thinking, sounds nice but how does this help me get and stay in shape.

And if you are, these are the top 5 reasons this will change the game for you FOREVER:

* Because nothing is forbidden you don’t feel the need to overeat or binge on snacks or treats.
* It removes fears about going out to enjoy dinner and drinks with friends.
* It allows you travel without any cares or concern that you’d ruin all of your progress.
* Puts money back in your pocket that you spent money on useless supplements.
* You won’t have to kill yourself in the gym.
You learn the role of carbs, fats, and proteins in a balanced diet and that’s how you start to see food, you look at a pizza and you see carbs, some fats and some protein and you know how to use that to get the results you want 

Its almost like in the movie the Matrix when Neo realizes he’s the one and he can now see the code

We finally knew why all those other diets out there DIDN’T WORK and why so many people can’t sustain themselves on them.

For years we thought that to make progress, you needed to eat chicken and broccoli, low carb or “clean.” That you couldn’t eat sweets AND have a 6 pack

When we learned that wasn’t true, we dedicated ourselves to helping others finally put an end to “dieting” and falling off once and for all.

The real problem is a scarcity mindset feeling as though you have to choose between the life you want and the things you enjoy, the idea that certain things are “off limits” or what society deems as “good” or “bad”. It’s all these societal beliefs that keep you from what you wanted most.

We are here to help you realize that you can eat delicious taboo foods, that there is no “bad” food, so that you can enjoy food and help you see the changes you have been dreaming of making, allowing them to happen faster then you ever thought possible!

The best part is being able to eat all of your favorite foods every single day AND the freedom of choice making reaching your goals a breeze.

After selling our gym we wanted to put what we had learned to the test so we decided to take a road trip across country to where ever the food took us. For just over 10 months we traveled and ate all of the food we had been drooling over for years. Using our mindset, ideology and tools to show people you can enjoy amazing food while being in great shape. 

All of this has lead to The Fit Foodie Fam Membership launching NOW!

This membership is all about helping you live your best life, enjoy the foods you love, feel and look as good as your foods and give you the tools and knowledge to begin living a Fit Foodie life!  

LIVE Weekly Coaching calls where we dive into how you too can achieve Food Freedom like we have, asks questions and meet other Fit Foodies who share your passion!  Covering everything from getting started to staying on track, how much and how often to eat and train. 

Become a Fit Foodie Fam member TODAY so you can learn the tips, tricks, skills and gain access to all the tools you need to set yourself up for lifelong success! 


ONLY $30 Monthly 

**Billed bi weekly and $15 every two weeks**
**Membership is Month to Month**

Whats included 

UNLIMITED ACCESS to Membership Site 
12 week FAT LOSS Programs to get you tone 
12 weeks Metabolic Recovery Programs so you can enjoy MORE FOOD
Live Coaching Call EVERY Week
Nutrition Calculator (So you always know exactly what to eat)
Step by Step Guide on how to adjust food and workouts when life gets busy
Grocery Guide to take the guesswork out of shopping 
Meal Prep tips to save you time
Tools to help you stay on track
Private Community on Facebook and Instagram 
HUGE Savings on Products From Partners That Will Help You Get Results
HUGE Recipe Library
Step by Step Guide How to Build a Training Program That Works For YOU

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